Welcome to Parkway Preschool

A ministry of Parkway Church on the Mountain

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About our Preschool

Our purpose here at Parkway Preschool  is to provide an enriching educational environment for young children ages 2-5 and their families; One that fosters a love of learning and a deep understanding that they are unique and deeply loved by God. We want each child to have a sense of accomplishment built upon their natural curiosity to learn and grow. Our desire is to create an environment that:

  • Is safe and nurturing
  • Enhance positive growth, development and self-esteem
  • Provide developmentally appropriate, stimulating and creative curricula
  • assist children in developing into happy, healthy, self-confident individuals

Our Philosophy

As a ministry of Parkway, our Weekday Preschool Program Leadership believes that early childhood development is huge in the future of our children's educational goals. The guiding principles that underscore our commitment to all young children are:

  • Young children learn and construct knowledge as a result of meaningful and purposeful experiences
  • Young children reach different levels of learning and develop at different times
  • Learning is both individual and social and takes place in a social/cultural context
  • PLAY is an integral part of learning
  • Skills and concepts are developed and enhanced through child-lead and Teacher-initiated activities
  • Print rich environments are necessary to facilitate literacy development
  • Families of young children are essential partners in the educational process... YOU are your child's 1st teacher